Minneola Interchange Network

The City of Minneola, with financial assistance from Lake County, completed a PD&E study for the Minneola Collector in 2009 consisting of an improved four-lane Citrus Grove Road and North Hancock Road from US 27 to CR Old 50. This study also identified potential connections to a new Florida Turnpike interchange at the Hills of Minneola DRI. Lake County studied potential alternative realignments of CR 561, north of the Florida Turnpike in 2008/09. The interchange concept and new South Lake network could improve connectivity and mobility in the region while also changing commuter patterns by placing attractors such as jobs and shopping in Lake County. The project would preserve capacity on SR 50 and US 27 by providing a new access point to which to disperse commuter traffic. The MPO is coordinating among various local governments and landowners to create a public-private partnership for funding the project. Florida's Turnpike Enterprise and FDOT are partners.

Project Files
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