Welcome to Lake-Sumter Metropolitan Planning Organization

The Lake-Sumter MPO provides a forum for cooperative decision making concerning transportation issues throughout the urbanized area of Lake and Sumter counties in Florida. As the lead agency for regional transportation planning, the MPO is responsible for the planning of several modes of transportation.

The Lake-Sumter MPO's regional planning allows for the allocation of millions of dollars in federal transportation funding annually. The MPO also helps citizens speak with one voice to their state and federal legislators on transportation-related issues. Most importantly, effective public involvement ensures scarce tax dollars are used in accordance with the greatest needs and desires of the community.

The Lake-Sumter MPO seeks to improve transportation in both counties for all modes of travel, including mass transit, walking, bicycling, rail, air, as well as the automobile. The MPO prioritizes capital improvements to address the counties' travel needs and allocates federal funding to implement the projects as identified in the LRTP and the TIP.

2019 Draft List of Priority Projects (LOPP)

The MPO is required to develop a List of Priority Projects (LOPP), in coordination with the FDOT District Planning staff, and to submit the list to the District by July 15th of each year. The LOPP represents those projects that have not yet been programmed, but are considered high priorities by the MPO. The MPO’s LOPP must be formally reviewed by the technical and citizens’ advisory committees and approved by the MPO Governing Board before being transmitted to the District. Projects from the LOPP are included in the FDOT Work Program to the maximum extent feasible. The District will coordinate with the MPO to resolve any significant issues pertaining to projects on the MPO priority list pursuant to the ETDM dispute resolution process. The District’s review of the MPO’s List of Priority Projects should ascertain that, at a minimum, it considers the following: the MPO’s approved Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), the Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) Plan, the priorities developed pursuant to the Transportation Regional Incentive Program (TRIP), and the MPO’s public involvement procedures. The Public Review period is open until the May 22, 2019 MPO Governing Board meeting, when the finalized document is to be presented for Board final approval.

  1. 2019 Draft LOPP Document

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