For immediate release - August 14, 2008

Final Phase for Public Involvement regarding the 2020 Transit Development Plan

LEESBURG – The Lake~Sumter Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) along with the Lake County Public Transportation Department is wrapping up the major update to the 2020 Transit Development Plan (TDP).

The Lake~Sumter MPO is hosting the final online public involvement survey period on the MPO website prior to the 2020 Transit Development Plan final review and adoption scheduled for August 26th at the Lake County BCC meeting and August 27th at the MPO Governing Board meeting.

The 2020 TDP identifies potential public transportation projects for future implementation. The TDP also integrates transit goals and objectives with those of other adopted plans, including the Lake~Sumter 2035 Transportation Plan and the comprehensive plans for county and municipal governments.

The TDP:

  • Describes the county's vision for public transportation
  • Evaluates transit needs in the area
  • Identifies a range of possible projects for a 10 (ten) year period
  • Involves extensive public involvement
  • Estimates capital and operating coats associated with transit service
  • Provides guidance for future implementation based on local support- both financial and community

The 2020 TDP draft plan can be viewed on the Lake~Sumter MPO website, just click on the link provided below. The entire document can be viewed (or just the executive summary) along with a poster presentation showing the alternative routes and recommendation along with a short online survey. “This final push for public comments is very important to the completion and final adoption of the 2020 TDP”, Michael Woods of Lake~Sumter MPO.

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