For immediate release - June 5, 2008

Our Community - Our Future: Session 4

LEESBURG The Lake~Sumter Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) will hold the fourth session of Our Community – Our Future on Wednesday, June 11, from 6-8 pm at the Lake County Agricultural Center, located at 1951 Woodlea Road in Tavares.
The first three sessions which began in May 2007, explored the vision for Lake County’s future.  The visioning sessions included panel discussions of how local governments in the County can become better organized with tackling issues that cross jurisdictional boundaries.
At the 4th Session we are including community stakeholders, elected officials and regional resource agencies in a panel discussion format discussing the Solutions to the Big Four:

  • Transportation: Communities are beginning to implement new approaches to transportation planning, such as better coordinating land use and transportation; increasing the availability of high quality transit service; creating redundancy, resiliency and connectivity within their road networks; and ensuring connectivity between pedestrian, bike, transit, and road facilities. In short, coupling a multi-modal approach to transportation with supportive development patterns, to create a variety of transportation options.
  • Economic Development: Recent trends in the global economy—industrial clustering and specialization, diversification of the workforce, reintegration of work and home—are placing a premium upon community character and quality of life. Companies are on the move and being drawn to communities that offer a good quality of life. Why? First, companies realize that their workers want to live in communities that offer reasonable commutes, a vibrant social life, environmental amenities, housing and transportation choice.
  • Water: The prevalence of many of our current environmental challenges -- air and water pollution; global warming, habitat fragmentation and conversion -- is in part due to the way in which we have built our neighborhoods, communities and metropolitan areas during the past half-century -- dispersed, inaccessible, and automobile-oriented -- in a word, sprawling.
  • Education: As centers of community, our nation's schools are the building blocks of communities and the keystone of our future. Well-planned, high-performing, healthy, safe and sustainable buildings foster student achievement and well-being and provide centers of community


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