For immediate release - November 2, 2006

Public can review MPO’s public involvement plan online

LEESBURG — The Lake-Sumter Metropolitan Planning Organization officially opened the 45-day public review period last week for its proposed Public Involvement Plan, which is available online at

“As part of the MPO planning process, public involvement is given a major priority,” said T.J. Fish, Lake-Sumter MPO Executive Director. “Projects funded through public dollars are to be planned in a manner that encourages public participation and incorporates public comments into planning efforts.”

The proposed Public Involvement Plan details the public-involvement activities that the MPO will undertake to ensure opportunities are available for the public to be involved in all phases of transportation planning. The document also spells out how the effectiveness of these activities will be measured.

“As part of this plan, a required element is the outlining of the means by which to measure the success of the public involvement activities,” Fish said. “By strategizing public involvement techniques and then monitoring and measuring the effectiveness, better planning products emerge that genuinely capture the needs of the public.”

The public comment period for the proposed Public Involvement Plan expires Wednesday, Dec. 13. At the regularly scheduled meeting of the Lake-Sumter MPO Board on Dec. 13, the Board will consider adopting the plan. The Lake-Sumter MPO Board will meet at 2 p.m. in Room 233 of the Lake County Administration, located at 315 W. Main St., Tavares.

For more information about the Lake-Sumter MPO Public Involvement Plan or to submit comments, call (352) 315-0170, fax (352) 315-0993 or e-mail


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