For immediate release - June 11, 2010

Transportation 2035 Public Workshop #2, the Needs Plan

LEESBURG - The historic Leesburg Opera House was the location of the second in a series of four public workshops held in the development of Transportation 2035, the long range transportation plan for Lake County and Sumter County, and hosted by the Lake~Sumter MPO. Attendees numbered at about 80 including elected officials, city and county staff representatives, MPO advisory committee members and interested public. Sanna Henderson, Chairman of the MPO and City of Leesburg Commissioner welcomed the attendees and turned it over to MPO Executive Director TJ Fish who set the stage for the workshop recapping the steps we have taken so far that resulted in:

Transportation 2035 Policy framework:

  • Cost feasibility
  • Alternative Funding Options
  • Economic Vitality
  • Transportation Choice
  • Smart Growth
  • Quality of Life.

Transportation 2035 Goals:

  • Provide a multimodal transportation system that improves local and regional mobility, intermodal connectivity and increases transportation choices
  • Provide a multimodal transportation system that improves safety and security for all users
  • Preserve and enhance the existing transportation network
  • Enhance community livability and environmental sustainability through transportation investments
  • Provide a multimodal transportation system that enhances regional economic development objectives

Plan Timeline: Currently more than three quarters way through this planning process which began January 2009 with the Vision, Goals & Policies, Transportation 2035 is moving to completion and adoption in December 2010. Financial revenue estimates were developed October 2009 through March 2010. The focus of Workshop #2 was the Transportation Needs Plan, developed with the Travel Demand Modeling results, the MPO Corridor/Strategy, Draft Projects/Options and of course funding restraints

The workshop discussions were focused around the Transportation Needs Map of our region. Attendees split up into three groups South Lake, East Lake, and North Lake Sumter and developed three local and three regional priorities for each sub area based on the following strategies: Selective widening projects, new roadway  connections, and the use of Multimodal strategies and ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) operations on regional corridors

Results from the workshop are being compiled now and will be used in development of the cost feasibility and funding alternative plan to be presented and reviewed at Workshop #3 scheduled for late summer. Please go to our website for the current status of the Plan, more information, to view the presentations from the workshop or to make a comment concerning the plan, at



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